International Workshop on Resource Chemistry

     目:Vacuum UV technology for environmental pollutants degradation
报告人:Dennis Y. C.Leung 教授
The University of Hong Kong
     点:中国 上海

   目:Environmental catalysis and membrane development research in CSIRO
报告人:Zongli Xie 教授
CSIRO Materials Science and Engineering
    点 : 中国 上海

   目:Enhanced photocatalysis by fuel cell integration and galvanic acceleration
报告人:Michael K. H.Leung 教授
City University of Hong Kong
    点:中国 上海

题   目:Use of the de novo synthesis in natural product medicinalchemistry
报告人George A.O'Doherty 教授
Northeastern University
地    点:中国 上海

题   目:Development of new photocatalysts
报告人Tetsuro Majima 教授
Osaka University
地    点:中国 上海

题   目:Contorted polycyclic aromatics
报告人Shengxiong Xiao 教授
Shanghai Normal University
地    点:中国 上海

题   目:Rational design of nanocatalysts: size, dispersity & shape Control
报告人Dengsong Zhang 教授
Shanghai University
地    点:中国 上海

题   目:Design and application of hierarchical TiO2 materials towards enhanced light utilization
报告人:Jian Zhu 教授
Shanghai Normal University
地    点:中国 上海
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